Hiking in the Tennengebirge and the Lammertal - "Almsommer" in Salzburg

Hiking in St. Martin a. Tennengebirge in Salzburg
Alpine Pasture Summer ("Almsommer") in the Tennengebirge

Berghotel Lämmerhof: the ideal holiday destination for hikers and nature-lovers

Lush green meadows and forests, fresh mountain air and the distant sound of church bells: when hiking in Salzburg, everyday life is quickly forgotten. The starting point into the Salzburger "Almsommer" (alp summer) of approximately 300 hiking trails are located directly in front of the Berghotel Lämmerhof.

The Berghotel in the Lammertal Valley captivates guests with its excellent location in the middle of nature between the Tennengebirge Mountain Range and the Dachstein and Bischofsmütze Mountains.

Anyone who spends their holidays in this charming 3 star hotel will be greeted with many memorable and varied opportunities to hike in the province of Salzburg.

Mountains close enough to touch: hiking holidays near Salzburg

The Tennengebirge, the Gosaukamm and the Dachstein are all located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. About 300 marked trails run between the mountain ranges in the Lammertal and offer hikers plenty of freedom: comfortable to demanding, simple hikes to day trips - thanks to extensive signs, any type of hiker can find the right route for them.

Alpine huts in close vicinity to Berghotel Lämmerhof

From the Berghotel Lämmerhof you are situated only a few meters (in altitude) from the surrounding alpine cottages. Those are just as special as the beauty of the nature. Try some "Bauernkrapfen" (Austrian doughnuts) on the Karalm, meat specialities on the Schöberlalm and try a selection of finest cheese on the Spießalm.

In only 40 minutes from Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof you can reach the Spießalm. Family Lanner produces cheese specialities on their farm all over the year. Those are served as a simple cheese bread or a whole "Brettljause" (cheese plate) at their alpine cottage.
A bit higher situated as the Spießalm you will find the Schöberlalm of host and butcher Friedl Lindmoser. We don't think that we have to mention that excellent sausages and other meat specialities are waiting for you at the cottage.
Between the Lammertal Valley and St. Martin am Tennengebirge, a short trip away from the Schöberlalm, you will find the Karalm. The cottage doesn't only offer a good view, but also culinary delights. You have to try the sweet doughnuts, called "Bauernkrapfen". The Karalm is also the perfect stopover for mountain bikers.

All of the mentioned huts can be visited in one single roundtrip. A hike with a marvellous view will bring you right to these huts with an estimated walking time of 4 hours. Time at the cottages of course not included.

Mountain summit during sunrise
Have you ever experienced a sunrise in the mountains?

High mountain hiking in the Tennengebirge

If the gentle alp trails between St. Martin and the Lammertal are not enough, you can climb on the steep trails of the Tennengebirge. No matter if it is the Tauernkogel, Edelweißkogel, Hochkarfelderköpfe or a complete Tennengebirge traverse, the choice is yours! Especially the "Scharfer Steig" Trail is a worthwhile hike into the high mountains among regular hikers. Professionals climb those peaks also for a sunrise hike.

In the middle of the Tennengebirge there is also the "Laufener" cottage, an Alpine Club hut which offers protection, accommodation and a resting place for hikers.

While hiking in Salzburg, the trail is the goal

There is no better place to shut out the noise and traffic of everyday life. The Lammertal Valley offers you a beautiful backdrop for your hiking holidays near Salzburg. Make a visit to the Lammerklamm, whose side streams run throughout the entire valley. The force of the water can be felt along the entire bike/hiking trail on the way up to the old mill. It doesn't matter where your route takes you in the province of Salzburg - there will always be beautiful views. There just isn't enough time to explore all of the hikes and excursions during your summer holidays in the Lammertal though. So you'll just have to visit again!

Take some time off to be inspired in the Salzburger Land Alpine Pasture Summer! Hiking in the mountains of the Tennengebirge near Salzburg will help re-energize you for everyday life. Click here to send us your no obligation booking enquiry or to the online booking. The Hedegger Family is looking forward to seeing you soon in the idyllic Lammertal.

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