Harvest Festival & HayART in the Salzburg region

Cheese snack in the Lammertal in Abtenau
Ploughman's lunch at the Rocheralm (c) Abtenau Tourism Association

Culture & tradition in the fifth season in the Lammertal

You may well have heard of the Harvest Festival, HayART perhaps not. Despite this, these terms are closely associated with each other in the Lammertal during the so-called fifth season. Immerse yourself in the Tennengau in the Autumn, when the customs and traditions of harvest time and a little craziness come together every year.

But when did the Harvest Festival gain the honour of being called a fifth season? This question is easy to answer:

Hoagascht in the Tennengau

For those who are confused by the term Hoagascht, it is best imagined in the following way: You are sitting in a traditional Alpine lodge with a superb mountain panorama, enjoying the first sip of cold wine or beer, and the dairymaid brings you a ploughman's lunch with any number of delights from the region. People young and old sit together, stories are told, songs are played, people sing and dance. It is undoubtedly the autumn harvest time. This would be a pretty good description of Hoagaschtn - but you really have to be there!

Hay figures parade at the Lammertal HayART festival
HayART festival in the Lammertal (c) stmartin.info

HayART festival in the Lammertal

The craziest event during the Harvest Festival is hosted by one of the small communities in the Lammertal each year. After the final hay harvest, artistically designed, oversized figures are made out of the region's most important raw material. The three day festival at the end of August is accompanied by -what else - a farmers' and crafts market and a beer tent with live music, from traditional Austrian "Schlager" to modern. The highlight takes place on the Sunday with a procession of the biggest hay figures in the world on horse-drawn carriages and classic tractors.

Thanksgiving, return of the cattle from the pastures, horse market, "Liachtbratl" Monday

The Salzburg Harvest festival offers visitors an almost unbelievable range of events which take place every year following the age old customs and traditions. Visit the Erntedank (thanksgiving) festivals in the nearby towns and villages, go to the Rösslmarkt (horse market), or walk to a "Liachtbratl" (hog roast) on the Postalm. Ideally, you buy some regional and modern costumes at one of the many market festivals in the surrounding towns and villages, where you can also try out Tennengau Alpine cheese, home-made farmer's bread, different varieties of pork, preserves, game, and much more.

Walking in the Tennen Mountains in the Lammertal
Go on a high mountain walk in the autumn!

Community walks & high mountain walks in the autumn

It isn't only the St. Martin Almroas (community walks) that attract walkers to the surrounding lodges in the autumn. Just before the annual return of the cattle to the valley (Almabtrieb), the local dairies come to life. Folk music and dancing groups provide entertainment to guests on the final warm days of autumn, and the innkeepers offer their best fare and regional specialities.

In addition to the Almfesten (Alpine pasture festivals), the autumn also attracts ramblers and mountain walkers with pleasant weather and the perfect conditions for hiking. Walks in the Tennengebirge Mountains Immerse yourself in the Alpine mountains when the climbing routes and via ferrata are dry and no longer exposed to the strongest of the sunlight.

Your comfortable 3 star hotel during the Salzburg Harvest Festival

The Lämmerhof Alpine guest house in the Lammertal finds itself in the heart of the Salzburg Harvest Festival. The many events and Alpine lodges aren't far away from here, and many of the highlights are also within walking distance, which, by the way, is also the mode of transportation we would recommend. Afterwards, you can relax in the wellness area and stock up on energy for the activities that you have planned for the following days.

The Hedegger family are looking forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry or online booking. Special tip: Consult the all-inclusive offers to find out about the autumn highlights such as the Lammertal HayART festival or the hiking and folklore weeks!

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