Paragliding in the summer and winter in the Salzburg region

View over the Lammertal in the Salzburg region
Explore the Salzburg region from the aerial perspective

Paragliding in and around the Lammertal in the Tennengebirge Mountains

People have always dreamt of flying. With paragliding, this dream seems to have become a reality. In the Lammertal in the Salzburg region, you will find the perfect conditions for this aviation sport. Thermal clothing, starting and landing spots and professional flying schools are all seeking custom here.

And who could talk about paragliding in the Lammertal better than someone who is a passionate paraglider? Your host at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, Georg Hedegger provides you with some tips:

The dream of flying – yesterday and today

Paragliding is the sport of dreams - at least for me. Flying, being carried by the wind, with the ground far below your feet. It's quite simply great! I flew for 5 years in the 1980s, in the early days of paragliding. Back then, there was a 4 week training period, and then it was already time to go alone to the mountain on foot with the equipment on your back.

In those days we didn't have any helmets, protective clothing, air bags, rescue parachutes and so on. These all came later. These have made the sport relatively safe. Falls are relatively rare, and if accidents do happen, they only involve injuries at the start or with unfortunate landings.

Hiking shuttle bus from the Lämmerhof in the Lammertal
The Lämmerhof hiking bus takes you to Werfenweng every Sunday

Paragliding in the summer and winter in Werfenweng

The spring and the autumn are the best flying seasons. From Christmas to Easter you can also fly at the Bischling, however. The weight and size of the equipment used today has made it more difficult to take to the mountain on foot. The best idea is to take one of the nearby cable cars, which make things easier.

An ideal starting place that I can recommend is Werfenweg which is just a couple of kilometres from the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house as the crow flies. From there, visitors can take the Ikarus cable car to a height of 1,880 m and have the optimum flying conditions. The Bischlinghöhe in Werfenweng is now a very popular place for paragliders, with regular cable cars and paragliding from Mid May until October.

With the hiking bus to Werfenweng and paragliding back

At the Lämmerhof, a hiking taxi is always available every Sunday at the Lämmerhof in the summer months. When the weather conditions are good, you can start off at the Bischlinghöhe with your paraglider, and if you make it to a high enough altitude, fly back to the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house. Here, you can land on our meadow in front of the hotel. From my own experience I know that this area is simply beautiful from the air. When you fly over the Brandlbergköpfe, the Schöberlalm and the Spießalm pastures you also tend to see a few chamoises.

Paragliders starting in the mountains
Learn paragliding or try a tandem flight!

Learn to go paragliding in the Lammertal

Those interested in paragliding for the first time are advised to join a class at one of the nearby flying schools. Professional guides can be booked for a tandem flight, and on the flying courses you learn all the important things, from the right technique to the meteorology.

Further information is available at:

Additional locations for flying are available locally in St. Gilgen and on the Gaisberg. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about paragliding as part of a non-binding enquiry or an online booking. I am looking forward to your visit and hope you find the perfect thermals and have a good flight!

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