Your hosts at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house

Anna, Georg, Anita, Karin & Christoph Hedegger
The Hedegger family is looking forward to your visit!

Your hosts, the Hedegger family: the holiday experts

At the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, you will spend your holiday at a hotel with a farmhouse which has been family-owned for several generations. The story of the Lämmerhof began as a small farmhouse in the foothills of the Tennengebirge Mountains which was always open to walkers. A good 80 years later, the Lämmerhof is now a comfortable and unpretentious 3 star hotel which is still run by the same family.

Since 2009, when senior hosts Georg Hedegger sr. and Apollonia Hedegger retired, Georg Hedegger jr. and his family are now the managers and hosts of the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house. Despite the change of hands, the charm perfected by "Loni and Schurl" has remained the same.

Holiday experts in the region

When you arrive at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house you will be welcomed by your hosts, who will be pleased to accompany you throughout your holiday with tips and advice, Austrian charm and any assistance you may require. Regardless of whether it is a recommended walk, an excursion or a tip for days when the weather isn't so good, during your stay with the Hedegger family in the Lammertal you are always in the best of hands.

Georg Hedegger does full justice to his title of host

There is virtually no other hotel in the Salzburg mountains in which the manager both cooks for and looks after the guests. The host, Georg, likes to talk to his guests, whether it is in the restaurant or at the hotel's fish pond, where he invites guests to an angling & barbecue event at the fish pond lodge every week during the summer. With the senior manager, he also looks after the Lämmerhof farm and its animals.

Anita Hedegger in the wellness area of the Lämmerhof
Anita will be pleased to join you for a personal consultation

Active and relaxed throughout the week with Anita Hedegger

As a trained outdoor guide, your host Anita Hedegger will accompany you during both the summer and the winter weekly programme. Whether it is with snow shoes, tour skis, hiking boots or Nordic walking sticks, Anita has the suitable programme planned for you each week. As a qualified nurse and a trained masseuse, Anita is also available to soothe her guests at the Lämmerhof after a strenuous day's skiing or hiking. Whether it is a massage, bathing, treatments or beauty applications, at Anita's pamper parlour there is something for everyone.

The next generation is already well on its way

The siblings Christoph, Karin and Anna Hedegger are now the fourth generation at the Lämmerhof, and all three children are already integrated in the daily life of a family hotel. Christoph completed his five year course at the tourism academy in Bischofshofen, and is already integrated in the daily life of a hotel family as a junior manager. He is also your personal contact when planning a mountain bike, skiing or climbing tour.

Photos of the old days at the Lämmerhof

The small collection of photos from old times at the Lämmerhof shows that guests have enjoyed staying at the Lämmerhof for many generations. It is also the case that farming has always been at the heart of the Lämmerhof. Regular guests can reminisce and relive the old times. If anyone else has photos from the old days at the Lammertal, the Hedegger family would be pleased if you could send them in.

The Hedegger family is looking forward to being able to welcome you to the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house in the Salzburg region. They will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with holiday tips as part of a non-binding enquiry or an online booking.

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