Farm holidays in the province of Salzburg

Lindner Tractor of Berghotel Lämmerhof in the Lammertal
Farming has a long tradition at the Lämmerhof

Holidays at the Lämmerhof: experience animals up close

Holidays how children like them: running around in hay, watching horses in the pasture or petting the Bernese mountain dog - holidays on the Laemmerhof farm are a harmonious experience for the whole family.

During you holidays on the Laemmerhof farm every season is an experience, but there is still time to relax and recover. While the children are off petting the animals, the parents can enjoy the natural beauty and tranquillity of the Lammertal Valley.

Farm holidays near Salzburg at the Berghotel Lämmerhof

During your holiday at the Laemmerhof a scene of perfect harmony is created - people, animals and nature. Feeding the cows, petting cats or watching horses on the pasture, you will see how your children can also be infected by the peace and tranquillity that prevails in the Berghotel Lämmerhof.

Holidays at the Lämmerhof: every season is an experience

During the summer months, the horses and cows of the Lämmerhof spend their time on the mountain and the sheep, calves, chicken, rabbits, cats and geese are housed at the farm. Those who get up early can take the chance and collect their morning egg in the chicken's stable. Just like the saying: the early bird catches the worm! The animals can be peacefully observed by your entire family on a hike up the mountain. In winter, when the animals are housed indoors, the children can feed the animals up close. You can also visit the hotel's fish ponds at any time.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride with the Noriker Horses of Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof
Undertake a sleigh ride!

In a horse-drawn sleigh through the Lammertal

How about a sleigh ride with our two Norikers, Laura and Mirabell? This enjoyable ride goes through the deep snowy landscape of the Lammertal Valley. Those who work up an appetite on the sleigh ride can arrange for a stop. The total trip lasts from 40 minutes up to 3 hours.

The Lammertal Valley: Down-to-earth

Not only at the Lämmerhof, but also in the surrounding Lammertal, you will be astonished by the traditional lifestyle of the farmers at the homesteads and the mountain huts. The Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof is situated between many farms who produce home-made cheese, smoked bacon, brown bread and much more in the old-fashioned Austrian way. You can buy and try these products directly and all year-round at the homesteads or at the alpine cottages in the summer months.

How to act around cattle during hikes

While hiking around the many, well-marked mountain paths you will often encounter herds of cattle. But, don't be worried! Cows are peace-loving animals. If you meet with mother cows and calves, you should remember these 5 important points:

Cows on the Gappenalm in the Lammertal in Sazburg
Cows on the alps in the Salzburger Land
  • If possible, take the longer way around herds and avoid direct contact with the animals.
  • Do not leave marked paths or traverse open fields
  • Leash your dog at all times. However, if you encounter a situation where a mother cow feels endangered, unleash your dog and let him take flight.
  • Do not pet or feed calves, because it could awaken the mother's protection instinct.
  • Avoid loud sounds and spontaneous movements.

With those simple tips you are always on the safe side when hiking around the surrounding farms and alpine fields in the Lammertal.

Petting the soft fur of a foal, seeing the small calves in the pastures - the young animals make your holiday on the farm a special experience. Your children will be delighted. Don't hesitate: send your no obligation booking enquiry or a direct booking to family Hedegger at the Lämmerhof today.

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