Berghotel Lämmerhof: spa treatments in the province of Salzburg

Wellness & body wraps in the floating tub in Salzburg
Hay package "pure warmth" at the Lämmerhof

Let yourself be pampered: packs in the suspension tub

Feel completely weightless in a state of total relaxation: the soothing packs in the suspension tub at the Pamper Parlour at the Lämmerhof are treatments that you should not miss.

A full-body mud pack, seaweed pack or hay pack - each treatment in the suspension tub has its own effects on overall well-being and health. Close your eyes, let the power of the warm water carry you away and enjoy the rejuvenating moments under a soft sea of lights.

Relaxing beauty treatments in the province of Salzburg

Float and gently sway in a pleasant ambiance - that is how you best enjoy the packs offered in the Pamper Parlour at the Lämmerhof. The treatments produce positive effects on the entire body and put you in a deep state of relaxation.

Healing and effective or simply soothing and relaxing: choose from different treatments to suit your preferences and needs.

Relax weigthless – gentle swinging – packed into warmth


Goat butter cream bath "pure relaxation"

Moisturizing, calming, balancing, cell activating and invigorating

25 min. € 54,00

Hay pack "pure warmth"

Activates the metabolism, diuretic, warming - Ideal after physicalexertion, sweat, without stressing the circulatory system

25 min. € 49,00

Mud pack "pure regeneration"

Balancing, soothing, with arthritis, sore muscles. We use virgin peat moss from Salzburg.

25 min. € 49,00

Wellness treatments in the Lammertal Valley

Natural pure mud promotes regeneration, mild fruit acids from grapes refine your skin, pumpkin has a purifying and soothing effect - nature unfolds its natural healing power during packs in the suspension tub.

Spa holidays in the Lammertal near Salzburg - indulge yourself in this unique wellness experience! With a pack in the suspension tub in the Pamper Parlour you'll reach the summit of relaxation and calm. The first step towards your rejuvenating holiday is to send the team at the Lämmerhof a no obligation booking enquiry or a simple online booking.

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