Nature experience & hospitality in the Salzburg region

Rosa Blume with Hummel
In the Lammertal you are always close to nature

The philosophy of well being in the Lammertal

The Lammertal in the Salzburg region is a far cry from transport routes and busy roads, and nestles between the Tennengebirge Mountains and the Gosaukamm in the heart of a peaceful, mountainous and Alpine setting. At the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, a secluded hotel which has been owned by the same family for many years, you will find traditional Austrian hospitality, the charm of the Salzburg region, and be looked after attentively by your hosts, the Hedegger family.

This goes a little way to describe the family's philosophy of "Nature experience & hospitality" in the Lammertal and at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house. Nevertheless, 100 pages still wouldn't be enough to provide a perfect description of the natural scenery and long standing traditions in the Lammertal. It is worth a try, however.

Our philosophy in the Lämmerhof

As the roads gradually narrow, the amount of traffic slowly falls away and you eventually come to the rural district of Lungötz and the Lammertal, you will understand what we, the Hedegger family, mean with our philosophy. Nestling between numerous mountain farms, rough limestone cliffs and wooded hills, after a few more kilometres you will eventually reach the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house and its farm.

The Lämmerhof guest house in the Salzburg region in 1950
The Lämmerhof has been managed by the Hedegger family for several generations

Nothing can now stand in the way of your nature adventure. Whether it is with walking boots, sports shoes or a mountain bike in the summer, or cross-country skis, Alpine skis, snow boots or hiking boots in the winter, the Lammertal is waiting to be discovered and experienced.

A decades-long tradition

We, the Hedegger family, have now been managing the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house for more than four generations, where we have maintained a long standing Alpine tradition but nonetheless kept pace with the course of time and the latest developments. This is also evident in our hotel, where old materials such as wood and stone meet with modern and linear influences such as glass and concrete. In this way, the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house has long since combined different approaches, lifestyles and generations.

Personal service from your hosts

At the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, you won't just find a comfortable hotel in a natural setting. You can also enjoy personal service from the Hedegger family. Hotel manager Georg Hedegger will greet you at reception, the restaurant or the hotel's fish pond, while his wife Anita will already be planning your first Nordic-walking tour or telling you all about the massages, treatments and bathing options available in our wellness area. And the next generation is already well on its way. With Anna, Karin and Christoph, time at the Lämmerhof refuses to stand still.

Evening view from the Lammertal to the Gosaukamm
Stock up on energy in the natural setting of the Lammertal!

Nature & places of rejuvenation in the Lammertal

The Lammertal has been a popular destination for lovers of nature and holidaymakers seeking relaxation for many years, and generations of the local residents have known about the special places to spend a relaxing and carefree day. This generally means places to rejuvenate and stock up on energy, such as the source of the Lammer river, the ancient Lammertal forest or the St. Martin pine forest which stretches through the entire Lammertal, and which have given many-a-guest special moments that have lifted their spirits.

In the Lammertal and with the Hedegger family at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, you will find yourself at a place which is almost impossible to describe unless you have seen it for yourself. Perhaps it is best summarised by the philosophy of "Nature experience & hospitality", and we would naturally be pleased to bring you closer to this if you make a non-binding enquiry or an online booking .

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