Hiking weeks in the Lammertal

Hikers in St. Martin in the Tennengebirge Mountains
Hiking on the Karalm in St. Martin

A hiking holiday with an action-packed weekly programme at the Lämmerhof

With pleasant temperatures and stable weather, the spring and the autumn provide the perfect conditions for exploring the scenery in the Tennengebirge and Gosakamm mountain ranges. That's why, here at the Lämmerhof, we are pleased to offer our guests a special weekly programme during these times of year.

In addition to the weekly programme of activities and the Lämmerhof folklore weeks, we have also added some programme items to June and September:

Accompanied Alpine lodge walks and Nordic walking tours

Allow your host, Anita Hedegger, to accompany you through the Lammertal. On a Nordic walking tour you not only get to walk along the most scenic paths in the surrounding Lammertal, you also do your health some good. Nordic walking exercises almost all of your muscles and the round motion sequence is also good for your joints.

Those who want to climb higher are advised to partake in the weekly Alpine lodge walk. On this walk, you aren't only able to enjoy regional specialities such as cheese, milk, bacon and farmers' bread, but you can also explore hiking trails, some of which are only known to the locals.

A steep ascent up the Tennengebirge mountains in the Salzburg region
Over the steep ascent to the Tennengebirge mountains

High mountain hikes in the autumn

Have you always wanted to explore the high mountain, but haven't had the confidence to do so without a local companion or a mountain guide? Then we recommend that you partake in a guided mountain walk in the autumn, and step into the Alpine terrain in your hiking boots.

Regional experts are available to guide you to the peaks of the Tauernkogel, the Hochkarfelderkopf or the Edelweisskogel, where you can experience the world of the Alpine mountains up close and personal. Once you reach the summit cross and admire the views you will realise what it is that makes so many people to climb these mountains.

With the hiking bus through the Salzburg region.

If the signposted footpaths in the Lammertal around the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house aren't enough for you, you can also use the hotel's hiking bus service twice a week. Make an excursion to the nearby Filzmoos and walk back to the Lammertal on the Gosaukamm. Or head in the other direction to Werfenweng, and make your return to the Lämmerhof with - or without - the cable cars in the Tennengebirge Mountains.

If your legs begin to fail you during your walk or the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse, we are pleased to make our hotel bus available to guests during the hiking weeks as a taxi service in the local area. As you make your way back, your appointment to relax in the wellness area is rapidly approaching.

Hiking bus of the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house
Through the Lammertal with the Lämmerhof hiking bus

Holiday with hiking experts in the Salzburg region

When you stay with the Hedegger family, you will quickly ascertain that you are staying with hosts who enjoy staying in the mountains themselves. They may well give you some of their hiking tips over breakfast time. And the breakfast staff are also available to answer your questions and provide recommendations each morning.

Therefore, nothing can stand in the way of a perfect hiking holiday in the Lammertal. Find out more about the Lämmerhof hiking weeks with our all-inclusive offers or send us your non-binding enquiry or a straighforward online booking! The Hedegger family looks forward to joining you on one of its planned walks.

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