Geocaching at the Lämmerhof: a high-tech treasure hunt in the beautiful natural landscape of Salzburg

Geocaching in your summer holidays in Austria
Find the hidden Geocaches in Lammertal Valley

Discover the Lammertal walking trail in a brand new way: fun for the whole family!

Geocaching in the province of Salzburg: embark on an adventurous treasure hunt in the beautiful natural landscape of the Tennengebirge Mountains! Besides the official caches, the Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof offers also GPS-guided round trips and a treasure hunt for children.

Experience the environment around you with your eyes wide open while geocaching in the Lammertal in Austria! Enjoy the diversity of the landscape in the Lammertal in summer! Get into the fun of being on the trail, outside, problem solving and overcoming challenges.

But what is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a new popular sport that already has over 1.5 million participants and can be best described as a high-tech treasure hunt. The hidden treasures, called geocaches, are marked with coordinates. To aid in your search you have your GPS device, the coordinates and a description of the geocache. The contents of the "geocache" can be a logbook where you can write down your name or possibly an object. You can take your newfound "treasure" with you as long as you leave something similar behind.

Your Berghotel Lämmerhof has 6 Garmin eTrex H GPS units waiting for you as well as a short instruction sheet. Now let's go for Geocaching in the province of Salzburg!

Geocache round trip "Am Ursprung der Lammer"

Geocaching in Austria: get together with your friends and children on a treasure hunting adventure! Experience the Lämmerhof trail as you would never usually get the chance to and find the 10 hidden geocaches!

The Lämmerhof trail is an easy hike, with a duration of about 2 hours at a moderate pace for young and old. The road is passable in all weather conditions and in all seasons. On the official Geocaching website you find all necessary data: Round trip "Am Ursprung der Lammer".

Geocaching in your summer holidays in Salzburg
Let's find the pirate treasure in the Lammertal!

GPS-guided easter egg hunt or the pirate treasure in the Lammertal

For children the Lämmerhof offers two shorter round trips which can be done also without their parents. On the pirate treasure hunt you can look for 10 geocaches on a short round trip in the forest next to Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof. When the little logbook is full with stamps you can get your pirate treasure at the Lämmerhof.

In the easter season you can take part of a special Geocaching tour made by the Easter bunny himself. This will raise your anticipation for the traditional Easter nest hunt on Easter Sunday. You should definitely not miss that opportunity because after the Easter week, all the geocaches will disappear until the next year.

Geocaching in the Lammertal in Austria: fun for all ages!

Geocaching isn't limited to any age group and offers adventure and active fun in nature for the whole family, even for children and seniors. Start your adventure in Salzburgerland and inform yourself about all the hidden caches on the official Geocaching website.

Your family holidays in summer will be filled with action and recreation! Start your Geocaching trip by sending us a non obligation holiday enquiry or a simple online booking at Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof in St. Martin am Tennengebirge in Salzburg.

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