Folklore weeks at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house

Austrian cheese and bacon plate with bread
Bread, Cheese, Bacon: Products of the Lammertal

Experience the culture of Salzburg at the schnapps distillery and the cheese dairy

In the Tennengau region of enjoyment you will find yourself in one of the most scenic regions of Austria - and one which is a far cry from all the big hotels, the popular tourist attractions and the large towns. And so that things stay that way in the future, both the region around the Salzach river and the Lammertal focus on the culture and traditions that have been a key part of life here for many centuries.

Immerse yourself in the Tennengau region of enjoyment and experience the traditional craftsmanship that you can see, touch, and above all else, taste!

Weeks of culture that revolve around products that are there to be enjoyed

According to the philosophy of "nature experience & hospitality'', at the start and end of the summer season during the annual folklore weeks, the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house takes you closer to the local culture of enjoyment. See, smell, taste, feel – it is according to these words that a unique programme of culture, enjoyment and activities has been created.

Distillery of the Buchegger farm in Abtenau
Visit at a local Disillery

Try out the fine spirits at the schnapps distillery

Visiting a traditional fruit farm and fruit refiner in the region provides you with an insight into the world of one of the top products in our region. In addition to top quality brandies, visitors can also try out high quality, directly pressed fruit juice and vinegar.

The distiller will give you a guided tour of the distillery and show you how an apricot, for example, becomes a top quality spirit.

Farmer's breakfast at the Alpine Hotel Lämmerhof

The Lämmerhof Folkolore Weeks already start at breakfast time. Two times a week we will serve you specialities from our region at our breakfast buffet. Handmade fresh cheese with herbs, pepper and other ingredients, fresh butter from the farmer and much more will turn your start into the day into pure enjoyment!

Rocheralm cottage in Abtenau near Salzburg
Visit at the Rocheralm in Abtenau

Active holiday in the foothills of the Gosaukamm mountains

Your host, Anita Hedegger, will accompany you in the folklore weeks with an activity programme that is truly impressive. Take part in it and enjoy the best views in Salzburger Land.

The weekly Nordic walking tour, the walk around the Alpine lodges and the hiking bus enable you to experience the nature of the Lammertal on an active basis.

They are also a great way to burn off the calories from tasty local food.

Guests producing fresh cheese at the cheese dairy
Fresh cheese workshop at the dairy

Make your own cheese – the tastiest souvenir!

During an excursion to a cheese dairy, visitors not only get a tour of the dairy, they also get to make their own cheese. From the cow, to the preparation, to the essential lab and through to the finished product, visitors are shown the working processes and gain an impression of how much hard work goes into making an everyday block of cheese.

Visitors can naturally take some of the end product, home-made Salzburg fresh cheese, home with them. An exceptional souvenir and a reminder of your holiday in the Salzburg region

Trout meunière from the cast iron pan in the Lammertal
Trout from the Lammertal

Fishing and barbecues at the trout pond

Trout is only able to thrive in the clear, fast-flowing waters of a mountain stream - for which the conditions are absolutely perfect here in the Lammertal.

At the hotel's own fish pond at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, you can catch your evening meal yourself once a week and enjoy yet another of the many natural products on offer in the Salzlburger Land.

The trout is then prepared according to the traditional "trout meunière" recipe in a heavy iron pan over an open fire. Complimentary food is available at a small buffet, as well as cold drinks that have been chilled in the clear waters of the mountain stream.

Nature adventure and hospitality at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house

The local natural scenery and culture play the key role during your holiday at the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house according to the philosophy of "nature experience & hospitality" of the hosts, the Hedegger family. Managers Anita Hedegger and Georg Hedegger will personally accompany you with the organised excursions and activity programme in the Salzburg region.

Find out more about the Lämmerhof folklore weeks with our all-inclusive offers or send us your non-binding enquiry or an online booking for your holiday in the Tennengau region of enjoyment!

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