Tobogganing in the Salzburg region

The Karkogel tobogganing run in Abtenau
At the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, you can also hire the "Bockerl"

Sledging & snow-tubing in the Lammertal

A snowy mountain landscape, a sledge and a suitable slope - the childhood memories come flooding back. You don't need much more than those three things to have some great fun off piste. So grab your sledge and let's go!

The Salzburg region is home to numerous varied tobogganing runs. And in contrast to the old days, the sledge isn't the only vehicle for enjoying them. Try out a snow bike, a "bockerl", an air board and more during your winter holiday in the Lammertal!

Day & night tobogganing at the Karkogel in Abtenau

Starting from the Lämmerhof Alpine guest house, you will reach the tobogganing run at the Karkogel in Abtenau in just 30 minutes. There you can expect to find a 3km long nature tobogganing run which is open during both the day and night. At the valley station, you can hire out any number of different fun sports equipment which you can put to the test on the tobogganing run.

Air boarding in the Salzburg region
Try out the air board!

Tobogganing run at the Ikarus Bahn in Werfenweng

In the same journey time, you can also find the Ikarus cable car and the 6 km long tobogganing run which starts at the Bischling in Werfenweng. For a break, you can stop off at the Bischlinghöhe mountain lodge, enjoy the panoramic views over the Salzburg mountains and watch the paragliders flying.

Königslehen tobogganing run in Radstadt

Are you planning a skiing holiday in the Amadé skiing area? Then use your skiing ticket and make sure you try out the Königslehen tobogganing run in Radstadt! The route, which is 6 km long, has a rapid descent, and two times a week, floodlight tobogganing is also available.

Snow-tubing in St. Martin – rapid trip in the snow channel

In St. Martin am Tennengebirge you can also find the Monigold snow-tubing run. The lift takes you upwards gently before you complete your descent on giant tyres along the snow channel. With the Tennengau Plus Card, which you will be given when you arrive at the Lämmerhof, you can obtain reduced prices here.

The Lammertal with views of the Tennengebirge mountains in the winter
You can enjoy walks with your sledge around the Lämmerhof

Nature tobogganing runs in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Do you prefer to take things easy? Then combine a winter walk to the nearby Alpine pastures in St. Martin am Tennengebirge which are also farmed in the winter and take your sledge with you, or simply borrow one at one of the local lodges.

  • Buttermilchalm tobogganing run (1.2 km)
  • Sittleralm tobogganing run (4 km)
  • Höllalm tobogganing run (2 km)

Winter holiday with the family in the Lammertal

During your winter holiday with your family you will find yourself in the Lammertal, one of the most untouched scenic valleys that the Salzburg region can offer. The Lammertal isn't far from the nearby skiing areas, such as the Dachstein West skiing regionor the numerous sights in the city of Salzburg. In the evening, you can return to the friendly atmosphere of the Lämmerhof, relax in the wellness area or take some time out for a massage in Anita's Pamper Parlour.

Grab your sledge and visit the Lammertal, where you can expect to find the kind of winter fun that you can remember from your childhood. Make a non-binding enquiry on our website or make your online booking!

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